Jul 15

Improve Your Content Marketing with the Use of Video

Video for Content Marketing

improve-content-marketing-use-videoIf you are online marketer or a business owner who runs a website, you’re already probably familiar with content marketing. Content marketing usually consists of running blogs, writing white papers, and submitting to online directories to drive traffic to your website. Blogs needed to have optimized keywords in order to be found by search engines and requires a lot of words in order to be picked up by web crawlers. White papers should be also effectively written and done the right way to be noticed by customers, the press, and people within the niche industry. The same goes for directory submission, you have to submit to the right directories with original content and cross your fingers that these directories will index your site at the soonest possible time to get ranked in Google.

Content marketing can be a tedious and laborious task with all the efforts involved. Take for example, implementing SEO on your site. You need to optimize your keyword use, write often, submit to various directories, and ping as many web crawlers as you can and yet this does not guarantee that your website will go viral and be on top of Google’s search results.

Fortunately, content marketing has become easier with the use of video. Video marketing involves the use of video either as a blog (video blog) or as online advertisement. Using video has proven to be an effective tool to attract customers and investors to a website. A short video is worth ten thousand words as compared to a regular blog. Netizens tend to have a short attention span and would prefer to watch rather than read. And most often there are a ton of poorly written blogs and articles online which do not merit attention to be read at all.

If you want to revamp your marketing video, implement the use of video. The best way to do this is to have a video on your homepage. The video does not need to be as long as a movie, a minute or two or three minutes maximum would suffice; longer than that your audience might feel dragged and uninterested to watch the clip till the end.

The important thing when using video is to keep it short and direct to the point. Another benefit of using video marketing is that if you are able to produce a good video, people will end up staying in your site a little longer which has a big impact on your Google analytics. So go ahead, use video to improve your content marketing.

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