Jul 21

Getting The Most Out of Video Marketing

A Video Marketing Strategy Tip

getting-most-video-marketingIf one picture is worth a thousand words, one video is probably worth a million. Video marketing is a form of content marketing that yields very favorable results. Having a video on a website can help increase traffic, generate customers, and impact a site’s Google analytics.

Video marketing should not just be limited to one’s website. A lot of business owners and marketers tend to just come up with one video and upload it onto a website and expect it to go viral. There should also be another contingency to improve this strategy.

One way to improve the video marketing strategy effort of a website is to advertise on YouTube. With about 4 billion views per day and being owned by Google itself, having a video on YouTube can do miracles in improving the number of traffic, analytics, and conversion rate of the uploaded video.

To optimize the results of uploading a video on YouTube, the following basic elements should remembered: annotations, a link to the original site, category, title, tags, description, and a call to action at the end of the video.

The title should contain a keyword relevant to your site or business. The tags should also be relevant in order to show up in searches. A good description should at least be 2 paragraphs long and contain good content.

Video marketing with whiteboard animation especially is fast becoming the most popular form of advertising online since people would rather watch and read. Also, videos are more persuasive and can present ideas, messages, services, and products in a clearer, concise manner.

Producing a video can be quite expensive but producing a video that is about one to two minutes long will not break the bank and will be money well spent when it comes to ROI. With more and more people using the internet every day and with competition sprouting out of the woodwork like mushrooms; it is really wise to invest on video marketing to guarantee one’s success online.

Don’t be left out by the competition and implement a video marketing strategy on your website and promote it on YouTube. There are several companies that produce affordable videos for online advertising. Companies like wizMotions can produce a quality video that caters to a company’s needs and budget with satisfaction guaranteed. Pique the interest of potential customers and investors with a captivating and effective video.