Jul 28

Content Marketing Using Whiteboard Animation

The Whiteboard Animation Video

whiteboard-animation-video-content-marketingContent marketing has evolved into several forms and one form of content marketing is video marketing. Video marketing has proven it is more effective than regular blog writing and directory submissions because it is more captivating and persuasive. Aside from that, studies have shown that people are able to retain 95% of a message or an idea presented through video as opposed to only 10% presented through text.

When using video for online content marketing, many companies are hesitant to produce or have a video created fearing the high cost of production. This holds true for many startup companies who are still trying to get on their feet and budget is not that much. But the good news is that Google uses algorithm that does not measure the cost of video production. It can have the budget of a blockbuster Hollywood movie or a do-it-yourself homemade video with a budget of a hundred dollars or so; Google will not notice these things when ranking a video. This is where the use of a whiteboard animation video comes in handy.

Yes, one can produce their own short video with a couple hundred dollars or so, convince their friends to participate and act in the video but the end product would probably end up looking like an audition tape for America’s Funniest Home Videos. A video has to appeal to the target audience and that is why it is important to have a video that is professional looking, polished, and conveys the message or idea clearly. A whiteboard animation video can clearly do all these things and more.

A whiteboard animation video contains characters, a licensed background soundtrack, voice overs, a storyline, and the body of the message or idea all packed in a short, simple, sweet video. The advantage of using a whiteboard animation video is that it is very presentable to the target audience yet it is very affordable to produce. A minute and a half or up to three minutes and it is able to persuade and convey what a company, business, or website wants to impart. It can also be used in other social media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo to increase traffic into a website and increase Google rankings.

If you want a practical, cost-effective, and captivating video to use for your online content marketing strategy, a whiteboard animation video is the way to go. Go get yours today.