Aug 10

Using Whiteboard Animation For Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

whiteboard-animation-for-explainer-videosVideo marketing can be a daunting task. Trying to explain a message, a service, or a product in a short amount of time is not easy. Try explaining these things thoroughly and one will end up taking such time and the video will end up long and dragging. Another problem experienced by people doing their own video is camera fright, there are just some people who freeze and are unable to talk in front of the camera. On top of this, there is also the issue of “Do I look alright and not awkward while speaking in front of the camera?” question. Instead of burdening yourself with all these issues for your video marketing strategy, there is a solution – the use of whiteboard animation for explainer videos.

Explainer videos are used to impart ideas, services, messages, and product information being offered by a company. It can explain simple to complex things in a short span of time. Imagine you are running an environmental campaign or explaining the complex service your company provides; you go in front of a camera and talk about it and yet in the end your audience has no clue what you’ve just said. But, an explainer video can easily do that by showing a situation, sketch or scene that showcases whatever it is that you want your audience to hear and see. And when it comes to visually presenting these situations, whiteboard animation for explainer videos are the best way to do it.

Whiteboard animation for explainer videos can show ideas through the use of a storyboard. The animated characters would be drawn showing the situation, a narrator explains the message, and shows the viewer a solution or product by the end of the video. The awesome thing about using whiteboard animation for explainer videos is that it is visually appealing and can capture the audience’s attention. The message is easily understood that even a 7 year old can understand.

Another good thing about using whiteboard animation for explainer videos is that it is not that expensive to produce. A company gets to present a professional looking video that is ideal to use for any video marketing strategy.

Whiteboard animation for explainer videos is fast becoming the major form of advertising online because it gets results. So instead of getting in front of the camera and creating your own video for marketing, try whiteboard animation and save time and money.


Jul 28

Content Marketing Using Whiteboard Animation

The Whiteboard Animation Video

whiteboard-animation-video-content-marketingContent marketing has evolved into several forms and one form of content marketing is video marketing. Video marketing has proven it is more effective than regular blog writing and directory submissions because it is more captivating and persuasive. Aside from that, studies have shown that people are able to retain 95% of a message or an idea presented through video as opposed to only 10% presented through text.

When using video for online content marketing, many companies are hesitant to produce or have a video created fearing the high cost of production. This holds true for many startup companies who are still trying to get on their feet and budget is not that much. But the good news is that Google uses algorithm that does not measure the cost of video production. It can have the budget of a blockbuster Hollywood movie or a do-it-yourself homemade video with a budget of a hundred dollars or so; Google will not notice these things when ranking a video. This is where the use of a whiteboard animation video comes in handy.

Yes, one can produce their own short video with a couple hundred dollars or so, convince their friends to participate and act in the video but the end product would probably end up looking like an audition tape for America’s Funniest Home Videos. A video has to appeal to the target audience and that is why it is important to have a video that is professional looking, polished, and conveys the message or idea clearly. A whiteboard animation video can clearly do all these things and more.

A whiteboard animation video contains characters, a licensed background soundtrack, voice overs, a storyline, and the body of the message or idea all packed in a short, simple, sweet video. The advantage of using a whiteboard animation video is that it is very presentable to the target audience yet it is very affordable to produce. A minute and a half or up to three minutes and it is able to persuade and convey what a company, business, or website wants to impart. It can also be used in other social media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo to increase traffic into a website and increase Google rankings.

If you want a practical, cost-effective, and captivating video to use for your online content marketing strategy, a whiteboard animation video is the way to go. Go get yours today.

Jul 21

Getting The Most Out of Video Marketing

A Video Marketing Strategy Tip

getting-most-video-marketingIf one picture is worth a thousand words, one video is probably worth a million. Video marketing is a form of content marketing that yields very favorable results. Having a video on a website can help increase traffic, generate customers, and impact a site’s Google analytics.

Video marketing should not just be limited to one’s website. A lot of business owners and marketers tend to just come up with one video and upload it onto a website and expect it to go viral. There should also be another contingency to improve this strategy.

One way to improve the video marketing strategy effort of a website is to advertise on YouTube. With about 4 billion views per day and being owned by Google itself, having a video on YouTube can do miracles in improving the number of traffic, analytics, and conversion rate of the uploaded video.

To optimize the results of uploading a video on YouTube, the following basic elements should remembered: annotations, a link to the original site, category, title, tags, description, and a call to action at the end of the video.

The title should contain a keyword relevant to your site or business. The tags should also be relevant in order to show up in searches. A good description should at least be 2 paragraphs long and contain good content.

Video marketing with whiteboard animation especially is fast becoming the most popular form of advertising online since people would rather watch and read. Also, videos are more persuasive and can present ideas, messages, services, and products in a clearer, concise manner.

Producing a video can be quite expensive but producing a video that is about one to two minutes long will not break the bank and will be money well spent when it comes to ROI. With more and more people using the internet every day and with competition sprouting out of the woodwork like mushrooms; it is really wise to invest on video marketing to guarantee one’s success online.

Don’t be left out by the competition and implement a video marketing strategy on your website and promote it on YouTube. There are several companies that produce affordable videos for online advertising. Companies like wizMotions can produce a quality video that caters to a company’s needs and budget with satisfaction guaranteed. Pique the interest of potential customers and investors with a captivating and effective video.



Jul 15

The atmosphere in the family

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Jul 15

Improve Your Content Marketing with the Use of Video

Video for Content Marketing

improve-content-marketing-use-videoIf you are online marketer or a business owner who runs a website, you’re already probably familiar with content marketing. Content marketing usually consists of running blogs, writing white papers, and submitting to online directories to drive traffic to your website. Blogs needed to have optimized keywords in order to be found by search engines and requires a lot of words in order to be picked up by web crawlers. White papers should be also effectively written and done the right way to be noticed by customers, the press, and people within the niche industry. The same goes for directory submission, you have to submit to the right directories with original content and cross your fingers that these directories will index your site at the soonest possible time to get ranked in Google.

Content marketing can be a tedious and laborious task with all the efforts involved. Take for example, implementing SEO on your site. You need to optimize your keyword use, write often, submit to various directories, and ping as many web crawlers as you can and yet this does not guarantee that your website will go viral and be on top of Google’s search results.

Fortunately, content marketing has become easier with the use of video. Video marketing involves the use of video either as a blog (video blog) or as online advertisement. Using video has proven to be an effective tool to attract customers and investors to a website. A short video is worth ten thousand words as compared to a regular blog. Netizens tend to have a short attention span and would prefer to watch rather than read. And most often there are a ton of poorly written blogs and articles online which do not merit attention to be read at all.

If you want to revamp your marketing video, implement the use of video. The best way to do this is to have a video on your homepage. The video does not need to be as long as a movie, a minute or two or three minutes maximum would suffice; longer than that your audience might feel dragged and uninterested to watch the clip till the end.

The important thing when using video is to keep it short and direct to the point. Another benefit of using video marketing is that if you are able to produce a good video, people will end up staying in your site a little longer which has a big impact on your Google analytics. So go ahead, use video to improve your content marketing.